With the current state of today’s culture, young, dynamic leaders are desperately needed; people who will positively impact he world, not just in ministry, but in other realms inculding medical, political and business corporations across the nation. Many yound men and women coume out of college without any real sense of destiny in mind…What the world truly needs is a generation of youth not just blindly maneuvering their way through life, but guiding others wit ha dream engraved on their hearts. The purpose of the Honor Academy is to forge such leaders.

The Honor Academy was created with a vision and a passion to prepare young people to be tomorrow’s dynamic leaders. Every aspect of the experience has been infused with opportunities for growth and leadership training that will teach students how to lead, follow and serve with Christ-like integrity and focus.

Upon pursuing a yearlong internship after high school graduation, participants undergo:

  • Intense Spiritual Growth
  • Academic Development
  • Vocational Advancement
  • Hands on Ministry Training
  • Leadership Involvement

Surrounded by Godly leaders and other young people who have a passion for God, teens are thoroughly equipped to develop a vision, pursue it and influence the culture, impacting the generation.

*Information taken from an HA handbook. For more information, visit www.honoracademy.com.