Well, it’s been several months since I’ve blogged last…and due to the time that has past since it occurred…I think I shall postpone the continuation of my story for now, to update you on how I am currently!

We have “dived deep” into Teen Mania summer – with the craziness and hecticness of GE registrations, Extreme Camps…and still have back-to-back weekends of GE registrations followed by the last week of Extreme Camps, and then debriefing and then the August interns and GIs (including myself) will graduated on August 7th! It’s just a bit over a month left…and at times it feels like it couldn’t come sooner, and at others I wish it wouldn’t come. I suspect I will continue to go back and forth between the two sides…as I often do…especially as I continue to decrease the amount of the steroid and Lord willing will be off of it by graduation, or shortly thereafter! I’m doing much better, for the most part – almost back to normal, aside from what my body goes through when adjusting to the steroid medication amount changes…

Here are some recent pictures! Enjoy! (and comment, please! :) )

Melissa, the Graduate!

Friends, after Buffalo Wild Wings and Andy’s Custard

Finance on Cinco de Mayo

Casey, coremate and housemate

The new/old juke box I made for the swing performance I was in in May

Quad 4 (my house) all together for the last time!

With our beloved Casey…before she left for home, in Idaho…