The Management Associates have an annual tradition of having a Thanksmas dinner between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Everyone contributed different things, and I made a mixed berry pie – it turned out great!

Katie and I when we went to a Jazz concert for college class – it was great fun!

Me and my housemates – [L-R] Katie, Nicki, Casey,, Kristine [my new roommate] and Kristen. Crystal, our house director, is behind us.  Casey and Nicki are often quite funny – they keep us laughing most of the time. We have had a blast together the past four months!

Me and Alyssa, my old roommate and January who graduated last year, and I had a fun time putting together a fun letter for a good friend of ours. :)

One of my favorite kinds of cookies to make – candy canes – they are pink and white, most of the time, and slightly minty – lots of fun and they melt in your mouth!

They are almost done! They were tasty…as was the dough… :)

We drove out to Albuquerque for Christmas with relatives, and it snowed on December 23rd! :) We had lots of fun!

Of course we had a snowball fight! ;)

Cousin Joanna entertains while our second cousin Asher [her nephew] wants to play along

We visited some good friends today, the Gettys. We all had a good time, but I especially enjoyed playing with Rowan, who is three. :)

We sat outside in the Getty’s teepee and roasted marshmallows…it was a blast!

Well, that’s all for now, folks, hopefully you’ll hear from me soon!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas season!