Yes, my world has slowed down a bit, but I can’t seem to blog more then one a month…humm…I shall try to change that. Wait, I think I already am! Let’s see if I can keep this up. :)

June was somewhat slow, somewhat busy month for me, as I have finished all of my classes and finals (finally! they seemed to last forever) and began the shift into Teen Mania summer maddness. Maddness you might ask? Yes, it has been. You never quite know what to expect. From missions trips all over the world, to driving all night to get back from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO, to 15 days of being stretched in yet another way that I hadn’t been yet, to spending time with friends, to surprise birthday parties, to going home for two weekends in a row! (when does that happen?! very rarely…)

I have only a few pictures for you as my camera bit the dust toward the end of my trip to Israel this April, and even less now as I’ve had some problems with my Macbook (it’s currently being worked on by a friend…though I had to leave it with him when I came back to campus yesterday from my last trip home).  Here are a few from when I was home visiting June 27-28. :)

Please continue to pray that God will bring in my support for next year! So far I have two monthly supporters and enough in my account to pay for the first month! Pray that I will have the opportunity to do fundraisers as well, as my time is limited this summer.

Please also pray that my Macbook will be able to be fixed and I will not need to replace any parts! It unexpectedly froze up while I was home this weekend and wouldn’t restart…A good friend is working on it to see what he can do. As of right now it looks like I’ll need to replace the disc drive/hard drive…and I am rather low on finances right now! But God is mighty and can do wonders! :)

Yes, I had saved this draft two months ago…here it is now! Sorry!