Yes, I have been to Israel, had a 24hr. lay-over in Paris, and I am back safe and sound! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! It was a fantastic!

After traveling for over 24 hrs, having left on March 31st, we arrived in Bethlehem, Israel, where were were going to be staying for the first several days of our trip. We stayed in a few small apartments which were above a pizza place, with Mama Ruth, who worked with Father’s House in running the Prayer Room.¬†Because of the high Muslim population of the Bethlehem area, we were not able to do much ministry, and for ministry to be effective in both the Muslim and Jewish culture, you need to build relationships before they will even begin to listen to you. So, that’s what we did. It was the best part of the trip! I can now say that I have Palastinian friends who live in Bethlehem.

From Bethlehem we traveled to the Galilee area. On the way we stopped in Nazareth, where we went through a type of a “living history” museum, which was to show us what Nazareth would have looked like when Jesus had lived there. We also stopped in Ceasera, at a beach, where we played in the Mediterranean for about an hour. That was amazing! I’ve never seen the ocean look more beautiful….

I shall write more when I have more time…