The day is quickly approaching…I’m leaving in 8 days! Please continue to pray that God will prepare myself and the team for the trip. Please pray that our hearts will be prepared for what He is going to show us while we are there.

On antoher note, this weekend I participated in the Unreached People Group Life Transforming Event (UPG LTE). The entire internship participates in this event: we are all split up into groups of either missionaries or tribes. The tribal groups come up with costumes, customs and their own languages. The missionaries prepare to enter a hostile “foreign” country (the woods that are a part of the Teen Mania campus) and be witnesses to these unreached people. We are all role-playing, so it is rather interesting though very eye-opening at the same time. I was a missionary to the Kalmyk tribe. (The tribes are based off of real unreached people groups). It was quite the challenge to get to know this group of people, their language and share the gospel with them, all the while trying not to get caught by the “government.” I enjoyed it and also learned a lot. I hope to post a few pictures from the event soon, as well as explain it in a bit more detail.