You might be wondering what is going on in my life right now…aside from the fact that I am still raising money for my missions trip! Well, life continues apace without a sign of slowing down anytime soon…I am taking 9 classes/hours of class this semester, as well as working in the Finance department 31 hours a week. I have lots of homework, which consists mainly of reading and writing papers. In the little free time that I have, I ususally spend it with my friends – hanging out around campus, taking long walks in the woods, as well as occasionally going off campus to get coffee or perhaps, just perhaps, to watch a movie.

We are currently in the middle of our Week of the Ring. This week has an added emphasis on Honor, through sessions every evening, and the type of lifestyle that we will be committing to live once while here as well as when we have completed our intern year. This week will culminate with the Ring Banquet, when all the August Interns receive their Honor Rings. This is a very special occasion for us August interns, as it marks our half-way point in our intern year, as well as being a commemorative to a serious, life-long commitment. What makes this occasion even more unique, is the fact that the Honor Rings are not really ours – they are the property of the Honor Academy, and we can be required to return them if those in the Honor Academy leadership find that we are not living in a lifestyle that exemplifies Honor.  It is one of the few occasion we have throughout the year in which to dress up that adds to the occasion.

As you might know, I have a new January intern in my room. As there are two intern classes that over-lap each other, it can make life interesting – but it is also a unique opportunity to develop relationships with even more people. We had a January intern in my Core (and room) last semster, who successfully graduated in December. We were sad to see her go, but we know that it is God’s will for her life! Our new January has been a major blessing in our core and in my life especially.  Here is our most recent Core picture:

Simple Love: L-R, top: Sarah, Kate, Arielle, Grace - my CA, Margaret, Casey, me; bottom: Mary - January intern, and Rachel

Simple Love: L-R, top: Sarah, Kate, Arielle, Grace – my CA, Margaret, Casey, me;                                        bottom:Mary – January intern, and Rachel

It can be quite the shock coming to the Honor Academy, as the majority of us do not know as much about the internship as we would like before we arrive. Despite issues such as that, Mary is adjusting well, and she is very much a part of our core!

Three weeks after Christmas Vacation and arriving back on campus, we had an opportunity to hike a mountain (or two) in Big Bend National Park. Below is a picture of my and my family core:

My family core, we're acutally one of the smallest family cores on campus My family core, we’re acutally one of the smallest family cores on campus

So, this has been a short summary of my life over the past month and a half. Did you think that was busy? Just wait, I’ll be even more busy in the up-coming months. I’ll “keep you posted” as much as I can and I hope to include pictures when possible.