Hey all! I have great news! As of January 26th, I have reached my first goal of $1000! Thank you so much to all of you who have helped me so far! Please continue to pray that the next of the $1900 to come in! My next deadline is coming up in mid-March, when $1000 is due.

I have been quite busy since coming back from Christmas break. Five days after coming back, the new class of January interns arrived. I had the opportunity to help out with registration on the day of their arrival. It was a neat experience to met many of them as they first arrived. Once they arrived we, the August interns, enter Gray Block, which ends tonight at midnight. During Gray Block we have had a few more restrictions as to what we can eat while on campus, not being able to watch movies this whole time, as well as having corporate exercise Monday through Friday in the early mornings. Yes, this is tough, and may seem like a lot, but it is good self discipline and helps build your character. It is somewhat different for the January interns, as they are in Orange Block. It is more strict for them, as it was for us, the August interns, when we had first arrived. You might imagine how thankful we have been for the cold weather that had come in to Texas, over the last week especially.

Along with this all of our classes have started. They are all very good, but it takes time to adjust to the amount of homework. Speaking of which…

I also have recently climbed a mountain in the Big Bend National Park. I went with my core, and my brother core. It was quite the experience! Big Bend National Park is down in south Texas, close to the border of Mexico, so we had a long bus ride. It has been joked that while this trip is called the Mountain LTE, it should really be called the Bus LTE for the amount of time spent on the bus. I took a few pictures while on the hike that I am hoping to post soon.

I appreciate all of your prayers and support! If you are interested in praying for me more specifically, please let me know!